Articles and Commentary

We have posted articles and abstracts that have caught our attention and our reactions to them. The commentaries are in bold, black.


  1. Mandavilli, Apoorva. 19 October 2015. The Lost Girls. Deep Dive. Spectrum News. Mandavilli’s article makes a compelling case for women to critically examine psychiatric diagnoses and to think about patterns of eating disorders, and abuse. These may be symptoms of an autistic spectrum disorder. We urge women and those in doubt to consider this.
  2. Riva, Ariella R. et. al. 2010. The Ritvo Austism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R): A Scale to Assist the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults: An International Validation Study. New Haven CT: The Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine.“Dr. Edward Ritvo and his wife Riva have” […]“come up with an internationally validated instrument that has very very high predictability for ASD diagnosis in mature adults” [RNM]. (We thank the National Library of Medicine {NLM} for allowing us to reproduce under fair use)
  3. Simmons, Eve. 29 February 2016. Women with autism do they really suffer less than men? New Statesman. Eve Simmons provides a heart wrenching look at the lack of recognition of autism spectrum disorder in women. We hope this article will shed new light on common assumptions of empathy, behavior and gender. We hope this will comfort women who have a “late diagnosis”. 


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