Our next meeting is Sunday June 9th, 2024, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm The topic is Alexithymia.

Please Get the Group Guidelines here prior to attending.

Contact for questions.

Please see “How we Communicate (Virtual and On-Site)?” on this page for more about what internet apps we use and how.

If you have questions, then please contact

  • Check your email, from AASAPDX, for the Zoom link.
  • You are are free to come and go any time within that time frame if you can’t make it the whole time frame
  • In case we meet in person, please bring snacks
  • We take donations to help pay for rent, coffee, and snack goodies
  • If you read a helpful book on Asperger’s syndrome bring it and share how it was helpful

For Event Questions: Contact Us

Please check this site often if you need current information about the group and who to contact for answers.

List Of Great Autistic Traits to go with October 14, 2018 meeting